Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Wedding Clutch

Mary Chick is recently semi-retired, and with her new found time she desired to run a quilting related business from her home. When she read in our newsletter that we were looking for Texture Magic Reps, Mary knew she had found her niche.
Our Texture Magic Reps cover a certain geographical area and Mary now serves in Maine, New Hampshire and part of Vermont.
Mary loves to explore new techniques and share them with others. Recently she shared with us a wedding clutch and purse made with Texture Magic.

Mary said " The one on the left was the small clutch requested by my daughter, the bride. I stitched the Texture Magic on using a sketch of a calla lily which was the flower she chose to carry.
The one on the right is the one for her daughter, my 9 yr.old granddaughter. I followed the lines of the heart applique to stitch the pattern with the Texture Magic. I stitched the applique on after the steaming. Her gown featured one caramel colored ribbon- the same as in the applique."


  1. These are beautiful bags! I love all these ideas and try to bring them to the shops when I sell TM.
    Mary in MA (the other Mary selling TM in New England!)

  2. Beautiful bags, Mary! I love how you incorporated the cally lily from the bouquet into the bag along with the caramel ribbon.

  3. LOVELY! I want one! (Michele in Maine)

  4. These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I really must open my package of Texture Magic and try it. Why am I afraid to do so?