Monday, November 30, 2009

Thread Therapy With Dr. Bob

Bob loves to educate, especially when it comes to thread. Below is a list from his upcoming teaching schedule. If you live near any of these locations, we would love to have you join us.

Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob
*Dec. 3. Dallas, TX. Quilter's Guild of Dallas
*Jan. 6, 2010. Peoria Quilt Guild. Peoria, IL
*Jan. 7, 2010. HAAQG. Bloomington, IL
*Jan. 15-16, 2010. Ontario, CA. Road to California. Bob will teach two lectures and Superior Threads will teach two classes using Texture Magic.
*Feb. 11, 2010. Scottsdale, AZ

Friday, November 27, 2009

Class Time with John Flynn

For the opening session of the School of Threadology, John Flynn was our guest teacher for one day. I think John is best known for having his name on a line of thread . . . . So Fine! How cool is that?

The new class rooms in the School of Threadology offer plenty of room for instruction.

John showed us many tips and techniques he has developed over the years.

Of course, I wanted to take his class along with all the other participants. I like to tell John that I am President of his fan club.

Individual instruction is so helpful.

We worked on John's pattern "Storm at Sea."

He provided pre-cut kits that had been laser cut.

Some of John's variations of "Storm At Sea."

The straight lined seams end up looking like curves, creating an optical illusion.

Thank you for coming John! It was so nice to have you with us for the opening of our School.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

During this season of Thanksgiving, we offer our thanks to you, our valued customers and associates, for a wonderful year. Your personal interaction through out the year, whether at a show, on the phone, or in our store, has enriched our lives and made our work more joyful and rewarding.
Thank you for your ideas, suggestions, encouragement, and continued support.
From our Superior family to yours, we wish you a
Happy Thanksgiving.

Bob and Heather

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Poppy Quilt

Our thanks today goes to Judie Weiss of St. George, Utah for sharing with us her Poppy Quilt, a 3-D design using Texture Magic.

This quilt is an original design, created by Judie. She made the Poppy Quilt as a present for her sister-in-law, who requested a quilt for the foot of her King sized bed.
The background is a "Yellow Brick Road" pattern.

Judie's SIL had very specific wishes she wanted included in the quilt.
"She loves texture and depth; she loves the feel of various fabrics such as silk, velvet, upholstery fabrics, satin, etc.; she loves bold colors and design; she wanted it set on point . So - I set out to create that quilt." Judie said.

"I made the 3 big red poppies petal by petal and then fastened them together under the center velvet round circle. I made each petal like a mini pillowcase: first I cut the 2 pieces plus the Texture Magic plus a piece of warm and natural all at the same time. I free-motioned the veining in, using red King Tut thread by Superior Threads. Then I added piping and sewed the petal together, leaving the bottom open to turn right side out. Then I steamed it from the top creating the puffy petals." Judie continued.

Judie has taken "Thread Therapy" from Dr. Bob. We are happy to report she followed his instructions and used a Superior Threads titanium coated top-stitch needle for this project.
We appreciate Judie giving us one more idea on how to use Texture Magic in our art quilts.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The School of Theadology Is Now Open!

The School of Threadology is now open in our new location and we had a wonderful time hosting our first session.

Participants from all over the United States came for three days of seminars and lectures.
In addition to instruction, our guests received class supplies, a 100-page education manual, a lot of thread, staff help, and the use of a new Bernina 730. Even meals were provided.

Bob and Heather taught several classes on thread education, thread use, and thread effects. We also had two hands-on sewing classes, one using Texture Magic and one using Charlotte's fusible Web (fusible thread for applique.)

One of our seminars included Color Science by Mother Superior where we discussed color and design.

Our guests were very interested in seeing some of the clothing items made with Superior Threads. The green silk coat was a favorite.

Many of our quilts have been gifts from artists who have helped us in the design of our threads.
This was a tribute to our King Tut line.

We strive to provide the highest comfort for our students at the School of Threadology. All participants used an ergonomic $500 Heavenly Sewing Chair. It really does make a difference. No sore body parts after a full day of learning and creating.

Jeanne Delpit, Director of National Events for Bernina USA, joined us for the opening session of our School.

Thank you Bernina for generously furnishing the School of Threadology with Bernina 730s for our students use.
Future sessions are scheduled in February, April, and June and beyond. Please join us.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Marilyn Badger Judges for IQA/ Houston

Note: Marilyn Badger lives in our town, St. George, Utah. Many years ago, she helped us design a range of colors to include in our Rainbows line.
When Marilyn Badger was asked to be one of the three judges for International Quilt Festival in Houston (IQA) this year, she felt very honored. Marilyn is an award-winning quilter and this is the first time she has been approached to judge a show as prestigious as IQA. "First I had to check with my partner Claudia Clark Meyers," Marilyn said. "Being a judge at IQA meant we could not submit a quilt this year and I had to make sure Claudia was comfortable with that."
Claudia was very supportive of Marilyn's opportunity and encouraged her to accept the offer.

Marilyn, along with fellow judges Sue Nickels and Linda Roy, went to Houston in August for their assignment.
"We worked 12-hour days for three days straight and judged around 350 quilts. All three of us judged each quilt individually. We were given list of criteria and would sometimes defer to each other's expertise in rating specific areas," Marilyn said.
As judges, the trio were offered a lot of help by the IQA staff. Many of the quilts in the initial judging were lying flat on a table. By the time the selection was narrowed down to the Mastery category, the quilts were held up by staff members or displayed for viewing.
Marilyn enjoyed working with the Mastery Awards the most. "This was a real pleasant experience. Just being up there close with all the quilts was wonderful. Even after three days of judging and we were at the end, I told them to 'bring on some more'. In Houston I knew I was seeing the best of the best."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NEW Brytes

What's New:
NEW Brytes! We are proud to have Caryl Bryer Fallert’s advice and name on this product. Congratulations to Caryl for winning the $10,000 Best of Show award at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last month.
NEW Brytes is the same #30/3-ply polyester thread and color range as Brytes but not as slick. We "de-slicked" it, making it easier to use at high speed. New Brytes is intended to be bright and visible and it is great for home machines (quilting and embroidery), longarm machines, and computer-aided quilting.

We are offering 25% as an Introductory Special on NEW Brytes, 1,650 yd. cones during November. On sale for $12.65
See our website to order.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Little Charmers

We carry several Texture Magic friendly patterns designed by Annie Unrein on our web site.
Little Charmers is an engaging little block and matching blankie using a charm pack and Texture Magic.

This block and blankie can be quickly assembled, and would make a wonderful baby shower gift.
One 1/2 yard package of Texture Magic will make more than one set.

Annie separated her charm squares into lights, mediums and darks, then texturized some of the squares using Texture Magic.
Colorful ribbons and trims on the edge give baby something to grab, chew and explore.
Babies will love the textured blocks on the front and the soft, plush back.

The Little Charmers block will stimulate babies with texture, colors, patterns and sounds.
There is a jingle bell inside the block!
To order this pattern, see our web site under Texture Magic.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Art Studio Colors on Sale

Art Studio Colors, 2000 yd. cones, are currently on sale for 50% off!
This is a beautiful high sheen premium trilobal, 40 wt. polyester thread, that can be used for both quilting and embroidery.
Available in 36 colors. Only $6.95 (reg. $13.90)

This is what Ricky has to say about Art Studio Colors:
"In the contemporary world of sewing and quilting, threads no longer take a back seat. In the past, fabrics dictated the direction of a sewing project. This is no longer the case. Often a particular thread will become the source of inspiration for a particular design. No one knows this better than Superior Threads. They have become the innovators in providing quality threads for quilters and embroiderers worldwide."

Friday, November 13, 2009

Design Walls

In anticipation of the opening of the School of Threadology, we have been busy putting up design walls in our classrooms. Here is our step-by -step process for creating a design wall.
Our thanks goes to staff member Ricci and her husband Sam for their work.

Purchase 4' X 8' sheets of aluminum backed 1" Styrofoam insulation board. These can be found at most home improvement type stores.
The light weight boards can be easily cut into the size needed with a utility knife.
Cover with batting of your choice.

Wrap the batting to the back of the insulation board and staple into place.

Because the boards are lightweight, they may be easily moved from place to place.

Next, attach sections of extra-wide industrial strength Velcro around the outsides of the board.
Be careful, because this product is very sticky.

Lift the boards up to the wall. Notice Sam used a wood level at the bottom to lay the board on, and then checked to make sure the sides were also level.
If you have a wall that has been highly texturized, you may need to use a liquid glue on the Velcro to adhere the pieces in place.

We now have design walls that are extremely light, and are thick enough to put pins in. When the batting becomes old or used, the boards can be easily removed and replaced with new batting.
Come sew with us at the Superior School of Threadology.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet Bev Fullmer

We like to call Bev "The new kid on the block" or "new kid on the phone". Bev is the newest member of our office staff. Among her responsibilities, Bev helps with phone orders, and greets visitors (we hope you will visit one day) as they come the front door of our workplace.
As part of our training, we start every employee in the warehouse to learn our products. Bev took her turn for the first few months and found that experience very beneficial.
"It helped a lot to work in the warehouse. I learned the numbering systems and the products. I now feel better prepared to answer customers' questions when they call on the phone." she said.

Originally from California, Bev is married and the mother of 5 children and 13 grandchildren.
She has a extensive background in sewing and quilting. "I made my first quilt when I was 8. It was a doll quilt and I still have it." She worked for a decorator making custom bedspreads and window treatments, and has made 6 wedding dresses. Bev also spent many years as a volunteer doing Humanitarian work for her church.

Bev and her husband retired to St. George four years ago to join two of their daughters who live in the area. Since her arrival she made costumes for Tuacahn Amphitheatre for the Performing Arts. We are so happy to have Bev join us as part of the Superior Threads Team.
When asked what her favorite part of working here, she replied "I love all the products, and the new things that are always coming in. I love the people I work with. It's an awesome company that is run well, and treats their employees well with great incentive programs. They are very focused on educating their staff and the world on threads. As I observed through the interview process, I could see this is a company that is going some place, and it was very appealing."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Texture Magic Reps Still Needed

Our Texture Magic Rep program is off to a good start and going strong. Reps are having fun and earning extra cash demonstrating and selling Texture Magic at stores, guilds and shows. About two thirds of the territories have been assigned but we still need Texture Magic Reps in the following areas:

Hawaii, All Islands
San Francisco & North CA Coast
Central CA Coast
San Bernardino & Riverside CA
Seattle Washington
East Washington, N. Idaho & W. Montana

North & Central Utah
Phoenix & North Arizona
Mesa & South Arizona
New Mexico & West Texas
Dallas Texas
San Antonio & South Texas
Houston Texas North
Kansas & West Missouri
NE Michigan

SE Florida
SW Florida
West Virginia
North New Jersey
SE NY State
NYC & Long Island
Connecticut & RI
Europe, except Spain
Alberta Canada
Quebec Canada

Everywhere else outside the United States except Australia.

If you would like more information about being a Texture Magic Rep please send your inquiry to

Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet Carrie Colvin

Carrie joined our Superior office staff last year and has become an important part of our team. She helps with wholesale accounts, all office work, phone orders, and bobbin inventory.
"We do have our own specific responsibilities," she said, "but all of us are so intermingled, we help each other where needed."
"I enjoy working for a company where the customers who call in are happy because they love our products. They make my day better and I enjoy making their day better." Carrie said.

Carrie is married and the mother of five children. Her family takes up most of her free time, but if she has a spare moment, she loves to scrapbook and is a rock hound. She also loves computers, which also makes her job enjoyable.
Raised in Arizona and Washington, Carrie and her husband settled in St. George because it was a centralized location between family and they love the warm weather (no snow here, folks).
Carrie's background is in secretarial work and warehouse work. Her mother owned a clothing business as she was growing up and Carrie helped with a lot of the sewing. "It's only natural that I would want to work for a thread company. Everything on my resume came together and fit so perfectly into my position now." she said.
"I love my job. After a day, I go home happy. That is what I want."

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Thread Reference Guide

What's New: Our Revised Thread Reference Guide

This guide tells you what each thread’s main use is, the thread weight, what bobbin thread is recommended to use with it, what needle type and size to use, and now includes what top tension setting is best.
Great information all on one page. Free to download and print on our web page.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meet Karen Wearden

If you have placed an Internet order through our company, chances are you have been helped by Karen Wearden, a member of our Superior office staff.
Karen's main responsibilities include processing our Internet orders, answering the phones when things get busy, and any other jobs that the staff needs help with.
"I really love my job. If people have any questions or concerns about their Internet orders, I am the go-to person. I will often call a customer to clarify an order because I feel it's important to offer individual service." she said.

Karen was raised in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan to this day. She is married and has always worked in the clerical/bookkeeping field. Karen spent 10 years in California working for a property management company before moving to St. George, Utah four years ago.
While on vacation, both Karen and her husband both fell in love with Southern Utah, enough to make the move to St. George. They love the outdoors and their hobbies include camping, bicycling, hiking, and driving their motorcycles through the nearby national parks.
When asked what is her favorite part of working at Superior Threads, Karen answered, "I love the company, from the owners to all the co-workers. This is a great working environment. Plus, I really love what I do."
We are happy to have Karen as part of the Superior Threads team and appreciate all the work she does to help our company run efficiently.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Using a Long Arm

Texture Magic comes in many size cuts from Superior Threads. You can buy it in 1/2 yard packages, 1 yard packages, custom cut yardage, and even on a 230 yard bolt.
How ever you feel most comfortable using Texture Magic, we have plenty available to meet your needs.

Our thanks today goes to Gayle McKay of Gayle's Gallery, for sharing with us a tutorial on how she used Texture Magic with her long arm machine.
First she layered fabric, batting and Texture Magic, and then basted them together in a sandwich on her long arm.

"I then quilted the piece. The key is to have fairly dense quilting to get more texture." she said.

The front side.

You then steam on the Texture Magic side. Gayle used her 35 year old Steamstress that she feels still works well. Knowing that most of us do not have access to a Steamstress, Gayle added "You can always use a regular iron that steams. You can literally see it shrink before your eyes."

"See the Magic?" Gayle exclaimed. "I can see a lot of possibilities for this product. I will use this one to make a pillow."
Gayle is an art quilter, traditional quilter, longarm machine quilter and teacher. She and her husband Steve, who is also an accomplished quilter, have a small herd of cows and enjoy a peaceful country living.
You can reach Gayle at

Monday, November 2, 2009

New NiteLite/ SunBurst Color Card

What's New:
We now offer a new NiteLite/ SunBurst Color Card.
Our newest color card is a combination card of both NiteLite ExtraGlow glow-in-the-dark thread and SunBurst (sunlight-activated color-changing thread). The color card made with the actual thread contains six colors of NiteLite and eight colors of SunBurst.
Take the card outside into the sunlight and all eight colors of SunBurst change instantly and stay.
Take the card into a dark room and the NiteLite ExtraGlow colors glow. As with all our thread cards, this is made with the actual thread and sold at our production cost of $3.
For best effect, it is important to put a lot of thread in the areas intended to glow or change colors. A single meandering stitch will not be visible. Embroidery fill stitches, satin stitches, and free motion "use lots of thread" stitches work best.
Have fun with these! Bob's pillowcase glows at night (and not because he is afraid of the dark). There's a special message embroidered on it with NiteLite ExtraGlow thread.