Friday, February 26, 2010

Quilt Retreat At Zion National Park

I belong to my local quilt guild- The Dixie Quilt Guild and every year we hold a quilt retreat at Zion National Park. Actually at a hotel just outside the park.

Zion is only 40 miles from our home, and yet it seems I don't get here nearly as often as I would like. This was an overcast day but still the colors are pretty.

The rock formations hold beauty year round and when the sun hits these rocks, it is amazing how red they become.

Even in the winter, when the skies are gray, the view is spectacular. This was our view outside the window.

I am trying to sew but I want to chat with everybody and see what they are doing. Also the "treat" table is just outside and beckons me.

OK. Back to work! Only this is fun work!

I, of course, use MasterPiece when piecing the top together.

The guild brings in Darbe, a trained Massage Therapist, to help loosen up stiff muscles after a day of sewing. I wish she lived next door but lucky for her she doesn't.

Ahhh... Yes, right there.


  1. We visited St. George and Zion and Bryce last year and had glorious time. what a nice community and the parks are beyond words. Actually I had a new acquaintance ask me what our favorite state is (she knew we travel and have seen all of the US) I did not hesitate to say Utah and it's glorious red rocks. Everything is green here and that can get dull. (Florida) I enjoy your blog. I am trying to get up the courage to start a blog myself but want to have interesting projects to post about all ready to roll out first.

  2. I agree it is as beautiful as you say. I have visited most of Utah as I have family living there. Thank you for sharing so much information on your threads, products and finished projects. Keep creating...

  3. What a fabulous guild you belong to. I would LOVE to be able to sew and then head over for a massage. Every retreat should definitely have a massage therapist. Lucky woman. Sue

  4. Hi I have enormous admiration for people who quilt. I work in a library and often see books about quilting passing through. Unfortunately I find myself looking at all that work and my mind goes 'too hard!' It always sounds so enjoyable when people talk about it but I like to work in a really organic, kind of make it up as you go way, so all that planning and preparing would do for me I'm afraid. Happy quilting

  5. PS Zion looks amazing, never visited USA despite my sister living in Virginia, never any time or money!