Monday, February 22, 2010

Threading Your Needle with PreWound Bobbins

Question: Does thread have a direction? For example, if I wind a bobbin and then decide to use that bobbin on top, technically, the thread has been rewound. Does that matter? I have been told that thread has a direction, and we must always begin with the the thread coming off the spool.
Answer: When using a top quality thread such as MasterPiece, Bottom Line, or other Superior thread, you can thread your needle from either end. A loosely or poorly twisted thread may not work well if rewound, but a top quality thread with a smooth, tight twist will work well in either direction.

Our suggestions when selecting a thread for hand applique:

Frosted Donuts: 36 colors of MasterPiece/ 50 wt.
100% extra long staple Egyptian-grown cotton.

Frostings: assortments of 12 colors in MasterPiece
35 colors of BottomLine 60 wt. polyester

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