Friday, April 2, 2010

Kinkakuji Quilt

The most famous Buddhist temple in Japan is located near one of our thread factories in Kyoto. It is called Kinkakuji which means the Golden Pavilion. The temple is situated in a small lake and the building is gold plated. When the sun hits it, the building lights up -- it glows! It is quite the site to see!
While attending the quilt show in Paducah a few years ago, we stayed at a bed and breakfast and happened to meet Trina Weller, a fellow guest who was working on some beautiful quilts.
Bob had always wanted a pictorial quilt of Kinkakuji to remind us of our 10 years in Japan and we asked Trina if she would make a quilt of this beautiful temple. She said, "Sure!"
Her friend Leona Law did the design and painting and Trina did the construction and quilting. Trina used so many different applique techniques in this quilt that I can't name them all. It is a masterpiece!
Threads Used: Metallics, Highlights, and Bottom Line. The border has Rainbows and Nature Colors.
Our Kinkakuji Quilt now hangs in an honored place in our Japanese Room.