Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Handmade Cards

We are always looking for new ways to use Texture Magic.
Our appreciation today goes to Margaret Miller of St. George, Utah for sharing with us a handmade card she received that incorporated Texture Magic.

This was Pat Rimpau and Maggie Nicholes' way of saying "thank you" to Margaret who had taught them how to use Texture Magic in a purse class.
The fabric card was designed and created by Carolyn Chuatiuco, a member of the Dixie Quilt Guild.

The texturized fabric has been framed for the front of the card. A simple and yet unique process that can be applied to cards and even scrapbook pages.


  1. When using Texture Magic should you do the quilting before or after shrinking it. I was at the AQS show this week & one vendor told me I should do the quilting before and another said to do it after. Maybe it can be done either way?

    -debby, Chester, NY

  2. Hi crowfan517
    You stitch the Texture Magic first to the back of the fabric, and then apply steam. Within seconds you will see the magic begin and the fabric will shrink up to 30%. Once the fabric is texturized, then cut out your designs.

  3. These Texture Magic and other Fabric Art Cards are made by Carolyn Chuatiuco and available for sale now at The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery and various Park Silly Sunday Markets this summer.