Monday, March 16, 2009

Cone Storage Container

We love new products, don't you? Superior Threads has a product that will make thread storage even easier than before.
Introducing our "Cone Storage Container".

This clear plastic container holds 30 standard cones, such as King Tut, So Fine!, Rainbows, LAVA, etc.
(*threads not included)
Size: 17.2"L X 15.44"W X 5.25"H
This container is made of a strong plastic that won't shatter, and best of all it's Stackable!
You can order HERE

Grandpa Bob (with the Superior grand baby Avilyn) going over business ideas with Yeimy.

Granddaughter Avilyn, being the Superior Baby that she is, agrees that the new Cone Storage Container will be very useful!


  1. She is just sooo interested in the Cone Container, just look at her grinning. Very Sweet!
    PS The storage container is a good idea.

  2. What a happy adorable granddaughter. She is going to be running the place soon.

  3. Is Avilyn coming to MQX ???? I hope so she is too cute!

  4. beautiful little girl - you're lucky