Monday, March 9, 2009


At Superior Threads, we strive to run a Superior business. In fact, taped to Bob's computer monitor is this quote: "What am I doing now in order to be better today than I was yesterday?" We seek for excellence through our KAIZEN program, which is the Japanese word for "continual improvement." We believe it is our employees and our customers who really manage Superior Threads.

Two years ago, KAIZEN was created. Since that time, over 1,100 ideas have been contributed. Not only is there an 85% implementation rate, but Superior Threads rewards employees for their suggestions with $$$. As much as we all love the money, we also thrive in the acknowledgement that we are valued for our opinions along with the work we do.

The KAIZEN boxes are located right in the middle of the workstations, allowing employees to write down their ideas the instant they occur to them.

We also depend heavily on our customers' suggestions. In our newsletter we have a section entitled $30 Idea Winners. We have received so many wonderful comments from you. It's Bob's job to sort through the ideas and make sure the best ones are implemented. He feels like he has thousands of business consultants around the world who help us become better. We love hearing from you. If you have an idea regarding products, service, education, or any other aspect of our work, please e-mail us at and have an opportunity to win $30. If your suggestion is chosen, your idea will also be written up in our monthly newsletter.

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