Friday, March 20, 2009

Pat our Front Office Manager

We want to introduce you to Pat, our Front Office Manager. Many of you from all over the world call in and talk to Pat as you place your orders with Superior Threads, and now you can place a name with a face.

Pat is our longest full time employee at Superior Threads, with over six years of service. Pat's main love and emphasis in her job is Customer Service. She loves working with people, and believe it or not, loves troubleshooting. If there is a problem, you can count on Pat to help you work things through. "I want everyone to be smiling when we are at the end of our conversation," she said.
Pat also helps train employees, making sure procedures and protocol are being followed. "We even teach proper telephone language. I want each customer to be treated with the utmost respect." In addition, Pat updates our staff on changes taking place.
When asked her favorite part about coming to work, Pat added, "Working for Heather and Bob. This is a very comfortable working atmosphere, and how we all treat each other is very important to both of them. I appreciate Bob's goodness. I fit naturally into his philosophy that customer satisfaction is most important. Of course it helps to have a quality product that sells itself. I'm proud of the high standards of Superior Threads."

These windows between offices were also Pat's suggestion. When a call comes in we can communicate with each other to make sure we have the answer you need.
Next time you call, make sure to tell Pat hello and that you saw her on our blog!


  1. Nice to see a face to go with the voice! Hello Pat!

  2. Pat you're a treasure. I've so appreciated your gracious and efficient service over the years.

    Thank you!

  3. It is fun to see a name with the face that I call:)

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