Friday, March 27, 2009

Meet Todd, Vice President

We would like you to meet Todd, one of our Vice Presidents here at Superior Threads.

Todd is the second son of Bob and Heather. His main focus with Superior Threads is working with the accounting department and implementing our Continual Improvement Kaizen Program (see blog post for March 9th). "Employees and customers submit ideas to help us become a better company, improve our processes, and better serve our customers. My job is to turn those ideas into realities," Todd said.
Todd also does a lot of traveling for Superior Threads. Last year he worked around 12 shows all over the country. Fortunately, shows are a favorite part of his job. "Ladies in the quilting industry are the friendliest group I've ever worked with," he added, "and I enjoy seeing many parts of the U.S."
Another wonderful location that Todd loves is Japan, the place of his birth (or, as his parents tell him, he was 'made in Japan') and where he lived for the first few years of his life. Todd enjoys visiting our factories and being able to give input on new products. When he was 18 he went to Japan and worked in the factories. "It was a time to learn about the business and to grow up and mature. The experience really expanded my horizons," he said.
We might add, he's also a Black Belt in Karate. And single.

For a hobby, Todd loves music. He works on writing his own music and records and edits for other musicians. He has performed many times for audiences in Utah and Nevada.
If you are ever placed on hold when calling our office, you can hear Todd singing in the background the song he recorded "Where Did I Hide My Stash?" It is also on our website.


  1. I think that Todd has way to much free time. You should give him more work to do. Just joking. I thought the song was pretty funny and if I was a few years younger and single and......Well you know. Thanks for the great products and the helpful information.

  2. How funny....and he is single. Hmmmm......lots of quilting cougars out there for him I guess!

  3. I just listened to your song Todd, way too cute. I'm sharing it with my friends. Your a star in my book Todd!

  4. So cute and single??