Monday, April 13, 2009

Using More Than One Color of Thread

When designing a quilt, we spend hours hunting for the perfect B's: Background, Block, Border, Binding, and Backing fabric.
Why not do the same with thread?After carefully creating the piece, instead of using a single color of thread to complete the project, think of what a careful selection of multiple threads could do to further enhance your work of art.

When selecting the best thread colors to use, consider the balance between the background fabric and the other fabrics in the quilt.
Rather than bringing them together with a single thread, consider using:
  • tone-on-tone variegated thread in the background.
  • variegated thread in the block. This will create a sharp contrast.
  • a different colored thread in the inner and outer border, making them more distinct.

Many of our threads were designed with this in mind.
Highlights and Rainbows are color-coordinated threads. Rainbows are the variegated colors, and Highlights are the identical type of thread but coordinated in a solid color.

King Tut also provides a wide range of variegated, solid, and tone-on-tone colors.

Used together, two or more coordinated threads will take your quilt from a work of beauty to a beautifully coordinated masterpiece.

With the beautiful weather here in sunny St. George, work is continuing nicely on our addition.

The second story level has walls. This level will be the School of Threadology. Imagine studying and quilting here with the beautiful views out the windows.

The floor was poured last week.

Jon and Todd, our Vice Presidents have been working hard in helping to make decisions on floor space designs. Estimated completion date is July of this year. We might soon announce an August session of the School of Threadology with an internationally known teacher. Watch our newsletter for details.


  1. My long arm quilter just did a quilt for me using your pink and brown Rainbow thread in part of the quilt while using a plain pink in the negative space. You might want to check it out, the quilt is posted on my blog.

    Love your thread!!

  2. I'M HAVING THREAD BREAKAGE ISSUES QUILTONG A QUILT MADE OF BATIK FABRICS. I am using Superior threads on both top and bottom of my longarm machine. The tension seems to be right. I have switched needles from my usual needle to a heavier needle. The thread is shreeding at the needle within 10 inches into quilting. Also, my machine stops the needle when picking up the bobbin thread not fully in the down possition. I am using an HQSixteen machine. Whatever information would be most helpful.

    Jan in Texas.