Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Was Your Easter As Cute As Mine?

Was your Easter as cute as mine?
We enjoyed the day with our little grand daughter Avilyn, also known as the "Superior Baby".

It's sometimes hard to pull ourselves away from this kissable face and think about work.
Although we do have some Spring time colored threads that work beautifully on baby quilts.
Have you seen SunBurst our sunlight-activated color changing thread?

We love this relatively new product that comes in eight beautiful colors.

When indoors, the thread appears white. Take SunBurst outside in the sunlight, and an amazing transformation takes place. Within seconds you will see white turn to blue, green, magenta, orange, peach, pink, purple or yellow.
Go back inside and the colors change back to white.

We offer SunBurst on 200 yard spools and 3,300 yard cones.
Now that the weather is warming up, this is a great time to experiment with SunBurst. Children love it on their tee shirts and imagine the sparkle SunBurst can add to picnic quilts. There are endless possibilities.
One bride had her wedding gown embroidered with this thread. Indoors, it was white-on-white but when she went outside for the garden reception, the entire dress blossomed into a full rainbow of color.
We love hearing from you and your ideas. Let us know how you have used SunBurst on your projects.


  1. I would love to see a picture of that wedding dress.

  2. too. I want to see a picture! Sounds yummy.

  3. I saw the picture of Avilyn on the thread page as I was shopping through, and although I do not NEED another baby, I almost ordered her! What a darling child!