Monday, April 20, 2009

Metallic Threads Part 2

We love when you leave comments on our blog. Your questions prompt ideas of ways we can educate more fully in the use of our products.
Karen asked what options she had when trying to select a metallic.
Depending on the project, and your personal needs, here are 4 options you can consider:
Metallics is ideal for embroidery, quilting, applique and serging. It's a strong, durable 40 weight thread that comes in 25 colors. Available on 500 yd, 1,090 yd, 5,500 yd, and 10,000 yard cones.
sample of #009 Military Gold

If you are wondering which color would best match your project, you can order a Color Card for any of our metallics. These are made with the actual thread and only cost $3.00.
Glitter is a mettalized polyester that adds sparkle and dimension to embroidery and quilting. It comes in 24 colors and is washer, dryer, and iron (medium heat) safe.
Glitter is offered in 400 yd. and 3,300 yd spools. You can also order in assortment sets HERE.
Sample of "Plum Crazy"
Halo is a metallized textured polyester blend. It's colorfast and washer safe. Offered in 36 colors on 550 yard spools, Halo is perfect for bobbin work, couching and serging.
sample of "Ruby Slippers"
Razzle Dazzle is a heavier embellishment thread made of polyester and metallic. It's an 8 weight that comes in 25 colors, and is offered on an 88 yard spool.
If you have any other questions or experiences about our metallic threads, please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. I use both Glitter and Halo; I highly recommend both of them. Now with my new Titanium needles, it will be even easier. *S*