Monday, April 6, 2009

Pua Miriam Kaona Exhibit

We recently took a short vacation trip with our son, Todd. Because we won't be seeing him for the next two years, we planned a quick trip to Kauai to spend a few quiet days together as a family.
Having previously lived in Hawaii for four years, this trip allowed us to play tourist. It's surprising how differently we viewed the area from this perspective.
We stopped by a church where they were beginning to hang quilts for a small quilt show in Kauai, by invitation from our friend Jeni Hardy. There was a special exhibit of local Hawaiian quiltmaker Pua Miriam Kaona, who passed away three years ago.
Her children sent these very well used and loved quilts from as far away as New York for this exhibit. For the program, Pua's children talked about each specific quilt, their mother, and the stories behind it.

Kahili & Coat of Arms. Owned by Diana (daughter) & Charles Spencer of Hanalei.

Up close details.

We were surprised she used poodle fabric as the backing. I'm sure like everyone else, she used what she had at the time.

Papaya owned by Kenny Kaona (son) of Hanalei

Papaya details. I was so impressed that each leaf was the same, including every little detailed point, and hand appliqued with such tiny stitches.

Poinsettia owned by KeleMomi Kaona Lopez (daughter) of New York.


  1. Amazing "A" word quilting. I am so impressed with these quilts.

  2. How lovely the quilts! They bring back many fond memories of living on Kauai, youngest son was born in Waimea. I just wish everyone could see these quilts up close because the workmanship is a sight to behold. One will not see this in our mainland quilts.
    We were thinking of taking our vacation on Kauai this summer but the problem begins on the way to the airport. I am not a happy person.
    Mahalo for sharing.