Thursday, August 27, 2009

King Tut Question

Question: Why don't you carry a full line of King Tut thread in solid colors?

*King Tut #40/3-ply extra long staple Egyptian-grown cotton.

Just as fabrics have changed, so has thread. Remember the old days when most fabrics were a solid color? Compare those to our current fabric selection. The fabrics we use today are rarely a solid color. They are either mottled, dappled, or textured, which provide much more depth to the fabric than do plain solid color fabrics.

Thread plays a similar role. With solid color fabrics, it was often desired to do a perfect color match with the thread. If the color was not a perfect match, it would stand out and appear out of place. With today's textured fabrics, a tone-on-tone variegated thread complements beautifully and enhances the overall effect without excessive contrast.

Approximately 2/3 our King Tut colors and many colors in our other variegated lines are tone-on-tone colors. These have an appearance of being a solid color from a few feet away, but close up, one can see the four different shades of a particular color. Having four close shades in a single thread makes the thread much more forgiving as it ties the colors of the fabrics and the thread together.
This is not to say that more solid colors are not a possibility. The tone-on-tone shades are wonderful.


  1. The tone-on-tone colors are my current favorites.

  2. I love all of your threads, but I've been hoping to see solid King Tut because I have almost every other color in the line. lately I've been shopping for the solids you DO carry (Brytes, Art Studio, Nature Colors, etc.), now that I'm converted from being a "cotton-only" thread person!