Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Textured Tote and Accessories

Annie Unrein has designed several Texture Magic friendly patterns that we now offer on our web site.
The beauty of these patterns, along with their great design, is that all the thinking is done for you!
Annie offers step-by-step instruction, allowing for shrinkage when working with Texture Magic.
One of our favorite patterns is Textured Tote & Accessories.

Annie used a 1-inch grid on point when stitching Texture Magic to the fabric.
The pattern includes matching double eye-glass case, and mini bag.
Annie stippled the Texture Magic, creating a closer texture.
One 1/2 yard package of Texture Magic makes all three of these projects.
They are very easy and quick to make.
Make sure to see Annie's other patterns using Texture Magic.
You can read more at http://www.byannie.com/


  1. I have made the small zippered purse and eyeglass case and have scheduled a class with Annie's patterns at Satin Moon Quilt Shop in Victoria - great fun! I showed Bubble Magic to my machine quilting students today and they were VERY excited with the possiblities.

    Daphne Greig

  2. THe bag is smaller than I thought it would be...a perfect size, and it's really pretty. As for the Texture Magic itself, lots of fun possibilities.