Monday, August 24, 2009

Superior Threads Summer Social

As we approach the end of summer here in St. George, Utah, we hosted a Summer Social at our house for all of our Superior Threads employees and family.

A time to visit.

And enjoy good western BBQ.

We love working together and appreciated having time just to relax and be together.

The kids played in the pool.

And on the trampoline.

Everyone wanted to hold Avilyn, who was flashing those baby blues, and wearing a flower in her (almost) hair.

But she preferred Kyle because he shared food.
We hardly recognized Pat our office manager without a phone on her ear.

Superior Men

We are a very multicultural group. One of the interesting parts of the evening was following various conversations. In this group three different languages were being spoken: English, Japanese, and Spanish.

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  1. And was Bob able to eavesdrop on each conversation?