Monday, March 29, 2010

Bowing To Bob

Now that we have an authentic Japanese room in our new building addition, Bob, who spent 10 years in Japan, kindly gave the women of our office a lesson in properly bowing.

In authentic style, we must first take our shoes off at the door and neatly line them up. No shows on the tatami (straw mats). Sometimes you can go home with a better pair of shoes!

Pat, our office manager answers the door most humbly when Bob knocks. Nice form, Pat! Head down, hands together. "Please enter, most honorable master."

He enters to make sure all is well. "Hey, do like Pat!"

Much better.
And the instruction of how to bow correctly begins (and seems to go on way too long). "Most honorable master, may we humbly get up now? My legs are hurting."
OK, we think he is enjoying this too much!

More instruction on beautiful artwork.

More bowing, when there is another knock at the door!
Superior Baby Avilyn is most curious to know where all the laughter is coming from.

We tried to teach her she must bow too, but she won't have anything to do with it.

She would rather stick with American customs and jumped into Grandpa's arms.


  1. I'll be out in a week or so for the School of Threadology so I'll get to practicing my bowing now! Now what is it we're supposed to say and sound convincing saying it?

  2. I can just imagine the giggles going on during the bowing instructions.

  3. Joanne,
    We are looking forward to meeting you at the School of Threadology. Don't give Bob any ideas on having the guests bow to him, also! We promise to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

  4. What a beautiful 和室(tatami room)! It's very hard to find one of those in U.S. I miss them very much. Everyone has excellent manner!