Friday, March 12, 2010

Working With Metallic Thread

Do you know that Superior Metallics was our first product line?

By using these few simple rules, you can enjoy working with Metallics:
1. Needle: Topstitch or Metallic #90/14 (home machines)
2. Top tension: loosen to a "1" on home machines
3. If a spool, position the spool on the vertical pin holder in such a way that the thread unwinds directly from the side of the spool with the spool rotating. The thread should not unwind over the end or top of a spool.
4. If a cone, thread must unwind straight up over the top of the cone.
5. Bottom thread (bobbin): any smooth polyester.
The Bottom Line is best.

•A strong, durable, beautiful 40 wt. thread. Available in 25 colors.
•Ideal for embroidery, quilting, applique, and decorative serging
•The only metallic thread that is guaranteed to work.

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