Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Journal Cover

Bridget Wideman has been using her creativity, and shared with us a few things she has learned as she works with Texture Magic.
1. The next time you make a purse or tote bag, try texturizing your main fabric. I made a small purse and the just the flap is textured and it adds a bit of pizazz.
2. Before any project using Texture Magic, make a few samples first. A 1" straight stitch grid gives you a puffy appearance, whereas small free-motion stippling give a very crinkled appearance. I have samples of my four favorite "looks", depending on what I plan on doing.
3. Instead of using fusible web to attach your Texture Magic fabric pieces, try good old Elmer's Glue. First I tried using a variety of specialty glues make for attaching embellishments, but Elmer's holds better, is quick to dry and dries clear.

Bridget recently made a journal cover using Texture Magic and Superior Threads.
"I took a few 8x8 squares of Fairy Frost with the Texture Magic on the back and I did some really dense free-motion stitching on a few of them (the blue and yellow). I also used a serpentine stitch to make a grid pattern with the squares being about 1/2" or so on the bright pink fabric. It's neat how you can have a really puffy piece or a really crinkly piece depending on your stitching.
On the quilted fabric cover I used Superior Thread, of course! Brytes #1132"

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us Bridget!
We would love to see how you are using Texture Magic in your projects. Please send pictures and a short description to nedra@superiorthreads.com

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