Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuscan Sun

Tuscan Sun by Gina Perkes of Payson, Arizona. Gina was honored with The Future of Quilting Award at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last October.
Gina hand dyed 100 yards of fabric for this project, working to get just the right colors she was looking for.

We have known Gina for many years and admire her beautiful work. Congratulations Gina!


  1. Congratulations! Your quilt is amazing and breathtaking. Keep creating...

  2. As always, Gina, you continue to blow us away with your design, color and execution.

    I would like to know how a mom with 5 kids has time to dye 100 yards of fabric, make it into a quilt of such beauty and, to top it off, quilt it to perfection?

    Please , hurry with the answer as I'm already a grandmother and I haven't much time left!!