Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The History of Superior Threads

After working in Japan for many years (two of our children were "made in Japan"), we moved to Hawaii in 1990. While we were there I (Heather/Mother Superior) took my first quilting class and got my first taste of this creative hobby/addiction/passion. In 1994 we moved to St. George, Utah where I took another quilting class. By then I was hooked and quilting has been a passion of mine ever since.
A few years later I worked part time at a quilt shop and began to learn about fabric and notions and thread. I learned that Japan made the best quality thread.
After many months of research, Bob went to Japan in 1998 to meet with thread factories and discuss our ideas with them. Because we had lived in Japan for 10 years, it was easy to connect with many of the factories that produce thread. Bob met with four thread factories and started what has become a very good working relationship with them.
Our first product was Metallic thread. It was a slow beginning. We took our product to shows and taught seminars. We knew that our Metallic was better than any other product out there but because metallic had such a bad reputation, many people did not even want to try another metallic thread. The first seminar that we did was at the California Association of Machine Embroiders (C.A.M.E.). They were so kind and supportive.
Our next product was Glitter Hologram Thread, which is also a metallic thread, but a flat hologram thread. In the beginning, both metallic and Glitter were more popular in the embroidery world than the quilting world. Next came Halo, a decorative serger thread. It was followed by Polyarn, a woollie polyester thread which is a wonderful replacement of the woollie nylon threads on the market.

Our 5th product was Vanish-Extra, a water soluble thread (and not recommended for swimsuits Ha Ha!), followed by NiteLite, a glow-in-the-dark thread.
Now, many years later, including all the colors and multiple spool and cone sizes, we have over 2,000 individual products. It's been a wonderful and fun learning experience. We love being part of the quilting and embroidery world and the association we have with you. We are blessed with good friends, wonderful co-workers, and truly superior customers. Thank you for joining us on this journey. The future will be even better.

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