Monday, June 1, 2009

Meet Josh, Our New Warehouse Manager

Meet Josh Every, our Warehouse Manager.
Josh is returning to Superior Threads after being gone for two years while he pursued his education at Brigham Young University. Originally Josh worked in the warehouse, which gave him the experience to move into this new position. He's happy to be back. "I feel like working for Superior Threads is a good match for me," he said. "I love the management style here, where we have opportunity to expand our minds and grow."

Several things have changed while Josh has been gone. He brings back his wife of 1 year, Amber, who is again part of our office staff. Amber and Josh originally met while working at Superior Threads. (Most of us here knew it was a Superior match long before Josh realized it.) One major change Josh noticed upon his return was the growth of the company. "We are in a new building now, with an even larger addition under construction. Also, Superior has added so many new products. It's fun to be part of a company that is moving forward," he said.

"The best part of this job is that this company takes normal people and helps them accomplish extraordinary things. I believe in Superior Threads' top two business goals of providing the best service and offering the highest quality in product." he added.

One of Josh's goals as new Warehouse Manager is to create a team atmosphere. He will encourage his co-workers to become knowledgeable in every aspect of the warehouse and to realize that each order represents the group as a whole. "We are here to help one another." he said.

Josh carries his business philosophy into his personal life. He will be leaving in June for six weeks as a service volunteer to Africa. This will be Josh's 3rd trip to Africa (he really speaks a local tribal language) and he will be working with a program called Literacy for Social Change. "Our group will be going to a small village called Kwanibela, where we will meet with the people to help them improve their standard of living. We want to facilitate some ideas that will work within their culture, to help them generate some income through micro-financing opportunities.

"There are many good things to do in this world. My heart yearns for a way to give back." he said.

Welcome back to Superior Threads Josh. You are already contributing great things.

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  1. All the guys who work for you are so hot!