Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Much Thread Does My Bobbin Hold?

How much thread does my bobbin hold?

There is a major difference between a self-wound bobbin and a professionally-wound prewound bobbin. Even among self-wound bobbins, there will be differences due to machine winding tension, speed, and size of thread.
Some ask, "Why would someone want a prewound bobbin. I just wind my own." The most common answer I hear is, "Oh honey! Let me tell you. It is an unbelievable convenience and you will never want to wind another bobbin! It is well worth the few pennies extra to have a professionally wound bobbin and they last a lot longer."

Here are yardage estimates:
L Style Bobbin (This style bobbin is compatible with about 70% of home machine models. To see the compatibility list, click HERE).

  • Bottom Line: 60-80 yds. for self-wound; 118 yds. for SuperBOBs prewound bobbins.
  • Masterpiece: 45-50 yds. for self-wound; 82 yds. for MasterPiece prewound bobbins.
  • Brand X fuzzy cotton: 35-40 yds. for self-wound.
  • So Fine: 50-60 yds. for self-wound. Not yet available on prewounds.

*MasterPiece Bobbins. #50/2-ply, Extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton.

M Style Bobbin
(for most longarm machines. see compatibility list HERE)
  • Bottom Line: 120-160 yds. for self-wound; 215 yds. for SuperBOBs prewound bobbins.
  • Masterpiece: 100-110 yds. for self-wound; 148 yds. for MasterPiece prewound bobbins.
  • Brand X fuzzy cotton: 60-70 yds. for self-wound.
  • So Fine: 80-100 yds. for self-wound. Not yet available on prewounds but they are in the plans.

*SuperBOB's. Cardboard-sided, premium polyester Bottom Line 60 wt. thread. Named after Bob.


  1. I do love your pre-wound Masterpiece bobbins. Love, love, love them! Great invention. Thank you. Makes life so much easier and my Berninas love them.

  2. They are better than sliced bread. I love them as well.

  3. I love, love, love your prewound Bottomline bobbins (L style). They make the thread work part of my fabric art collages easier because the bobbin needs to be changed a whole lot less often. Right now I'm working on a big installation piece that measures 14'x 10'. I looooooove those bobbins and order them by the big packages in three basic colors ... white, a neutral, and black. I use black the least but am glad I have it.

    I like the masterpiece ones for machine quilting the backside of my functional quilts.

    Thank you for making these along with all your other wonderful threads. I've got an array of about 25 of them laid out for the surface work on this installation piece which is becoming a field of prairie flowers.

  4. I liked the way you said "So-Fine: . . . Not yet available for prewounds, but they are in the plans." I'm not sure which size my LongArm uses, but I thoroughly enjoy using So-Fine as my Quilting thread. I look forward to the day that the prewounds make their appearance.