Friday, June 26, 2009

Should I Use A Glazed Thread?

Have you ever wondered what it means when you read the term "glazed" or "coated"on the label?
Is it OK to use a thread that has been glazed? Here is some information that can help you when making thread selections.

Glazing or coating cotton threads involves heating the thread and then coating it with waxes, starches and other chemicals.
Glazing results in a glossy thread with a hard finish. Glazed thread is stiffer than unglazed and has a wire-like look and feel. Most professionals do not recommend glazed or coated threads for machine work as the glaze rubs off and gums up the machine.
Glazed or coated cottons are recommended only for hand quilting only. If you see a cotton thread that has a smooth, no-lint surface, most likely is it glazed. Look beyond the label because many glazed threads do not state that on the label.

We have recently introduced Treasure for hand quilting. It is glazed or coated. It is an Extra-long staple cotton, and is available on 300 yard spools in 25 different colors. Made specifically for hand quilting.

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  1. I am a definite King Tut user on my Lenni. It works really nice. I use it on bobbin and top. We are vacationing in St. George in a couple of weeks. I thought I could stop by if you have a showroom or give tours or sell thread for a little cheaper than retail prices. Let me know. thank you Elaine