Friday, July 31, 2009

Customer Comments on Vanish

We want you to know how much we appreciate your comments on our posts, especially when you offer a great suggestion in the use of our products.
On post 7/27/09 we discussed the importance of marking your Vanish thread.
Many of you had additional ideas that we found very helpful.

Ann in Texas said that she stores her spools of Vanish in pill bottles. She writes instructions on the label to clearly identify the bottle as being different.

Bridget in Illinois: "I love Vanish! I keep mine in it's labeled bag that it came in. This way it's protected from the humidity, and from me being scatter-brained and ending up as one of your horror stories."

Pam in South Carolina marks her bobbin filled with Vanish, also. She keeps her bobbins and spool separate from the rest of her Superior Threads. When she has Vanish on her machine, she puts a note on the machine as a reminder.

Margo from Tennessee keeps her Vanish in a Ziplock type bag to keep the moisture out. She also keeps the original label in the bag along with the bobbin wound with Vanish.

Thank you Ann, Bridget, Pam and Margo. With these additional suggestions, we know we can use our Vanish with ease.

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