Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How Fast Does Vanish Thread Really Vanish?

On Wednesday afternoons our office staff gets together to learn more about our products.

Led by our wonderful office manager Pat, these meetings help us learn and ask any questions we might have about some of the 2,000 products we carry in our warehouse.
Recently we discussed Vanish-Extra and Vanish-Lite, our water soluble threads.
We wanted to see for ourselves if Vanish really does dissolve in water within 20 seconds.
After hearing Todd's swimsuit story, our staff member Ricci made several "mini-swimsuits" to put our product to the test.
Here you will see our own little version of Myth Busters, filmed right here in St.George, Utah.
Amber holding a yellow swim suit sewn with Vanish Lite before it gets wet.
Vanish-Lite works well on home machines, either as a top thread, bobbin thread, or both together.
Vanish-Lite can be spritzed with water.
Within seconds the suit came apart.
The blue suits were sewn with Vanish-Extra.
Vanish-Extra is for longarm machines because they put more stress on thread and Extra is a slightly heavier thread. Of course in the bobbin, either Extra or Lite is fine.
Vanish-Extra requires soaking to be effective. We created our own "swimming pool" to put this product to the test.
The Vanish-Extra suit also came apart at the seams. (Embarrassing for Barbie. Happy day for Ken!)
Our test was now complete. We can happily report that Vanish-Extra and Vanish-Lite work exactly as intended.
But then Pat and Ricci had a bright idea and wondered what would happen if we threw an entire spool of Vanish-Extra and Vanish-Lite in a bowl of water.


  1. I always knew this, you guys wouldn't say something unless it was true. But betcha you had fun testing.

  2. Leave it to Ricci to come up with that great object lesson for demonstrating how Vanish works. You guys are having too much fun!

    Keep it up.