Monday, July 27, 2009

Mark Your Vanish Thread!

When you purchase any of our Vanish products, make sure to mark your thread cone in a distinctive way. One of our staff members uses a permanent black marking pen to write Vanish on the cone.

We recently heard a sad story that brought this point to mind: One of our customers grabbed her Vanish thread, thinking it was just a regular white thread. She then proceeded to quilt her entire quilt using Vanish. When she finished, she went to soak off her markings and the thread dissolved. All that hard work had to be redone!

Another true story is of a mother who repaired a split in her high school son's football pants. She grabbed the nearest white thread not realizing it was Vanish. Day after day, the seam would open up again. After three times, she finally realized she had been using Vanish thread and perspiration kept dissolving it. Sorry son!

We love Vanish thread, and it plays a wonderful part in our quilting world . . . it is just not to be used as a permanent thread (or in the use of swimwear see blog post of 7/6/09).

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  1. One of the most heart-wrenching stories of vanishing thread was posted by quilt teacher Ami Simms, whose mother recently died from Alzheimers. Every day, Ami's mother sewed quilt blocks with with vanishing thread. Every night Ami dissolved the thread for a new day's worth of sewing. See