Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Superior Threads Sighting in Zambia

Kassi Anderson (age 17) works part time here at Superior Threads. She is our "catch all girl" who does what ever job needs to be done at the moment and there are many. Kassi just graduated from high school and simultaneously was attending college so she earned an Associate Degree from college at the same time. She will attend BYU-Idaho and will already be a junior in college.
This summer, Kassi had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Zambia for two weeks as a volunteer for "Mothers Without Borders."

Kassi visited a village where the women sew to provide income for their families. She had heard of one woman who makes pants for a living and Kassi decided to have a pair of pants specially made for herself.

As she was standing for a fitting, Kassi looked over and saw the seamstress was using Superior Threads So Fine thread on the machine! Excitedly Kassi exclaimed, "That's our thread! I work at Superior Threads!"The seamstress replied, "That is the best thread for my machine! My machine loves that thread. Please tell your boss to send more Superior Threads!"

We had previously sent a donation to Africa and we were thrilled to hear of our product being put to use. More thread has been sent.
Kassi beamed, "Now I have pants from Superior Threads made in Africa!"


  1. I love those moments of "small world-ness."