Friday, July 24, 2009

Splash Ball Continues

At noon on Fridays (when Bob is in town) the Superior Threads staff continues with our fierce games of SplashBall. We leave the air conditioned office and warehouse and go play for an hour and a half.

Recently we had one of the hardest fought battles of the season. Each game goes to 21 points but a team must win by 4 points. Last week's game went way into multiple overtimes. This game had an ending score of 48-44.

In the hot summer weather of St. George, Utah (108 degrees last Friday) it feels great to play in the pool. Some of us come away with a few bruises, but we consider it a small price to pay. It's worth it.

Bob likes to come up with new ways to play the game. He actually asks his team members to block for him.
Aren't those football rules, Bob?

Team members like to share a lot of high fives as they make a basket.

Even the women on the team don't go unscathed. Yes, that's Bob's hand gently shoving Yeimy in the face. ("Hey! someone pushed me. I was trying to protect her from the bad guys!")

We want to point out that Bob's brutality in the pool doesn't pay off. His team LOST, and Kyle's (with the ball in the above photo) team won.
(Bob's note: "I let them win.")
Until next week when we have a re-match.

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