Monday, December 28, 2009

Helping In Houston

One of the nice things about attending IQF in Houston, is the opportunity to meet up with friends.
Annette Hendricks stopped by looking for just the right threads for her next project.
Annette, of Grayslake, Illinois recently won the Judges Choice Award, IQF 2009 for her quilt "Hide and Seek (now where did that mousie go?)"

The thread is just as valuable as the fabric for effect. Different places need different threads.
I love to audition different selections.
Some areas need a shiny thread. Others will look good with a thicker thread. Some sections look best using variegated.

Along with producing her own works of art, Annette is one of the three sisters of Three Sisters Art Quilting fame.

Gail Thomas, Denise Havlan, me, Annette Hendricks
These artists stopped by to pick out their choice of threads for their next award winning quilts.