Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Staff Stockings

Annie Unrein has designed a new Texture Magic pattern just in time for Christmas. Festive Stockings can be used for any occasion. Stuff a special stocking with goodies and notes and hang it from a bedpost or doorknob to celebrate special days- birthdays, anniversaries...whatever!

We got together as a staff here at Superior Threads to make Festive Stockings.

Our guinea pigs did a wonderful job!

Deisy had never used a sewing machine before. We are so proud of beautiful job she did in making and finishing her stocking.

Each person used a different Superior Thread to sew with, and stitched the Texture Magic with a variety of designs.

There are three sizes included in the pattern: small, medium and large.

The pattern was so easy to follow.

Unless of course, you have someone in your group who likes to be contrary. All of ours faced to the right, so of course Carrie made hers facing to the left!

Festive Stockings can be ordered on our website.

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