Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Bob Waits in Line

On the way home from IQA in Houston our flight was canceled. Our entire group had to be rescheduled on another plane.
This is the only way Bob can patiently wait in line. Women wait in line together. We gab and get to know each other.
Not Bob. He spends his time on his laptop answering e-mails.

We have to give him some leeway because he managed to get us all home by that evening.
Never underestimate the power of Bob.


  1. Yep -- that Bob is a magician when it comes to scheduling (and re-scheduling) flights. Thank you, Bob, for taking such good care of all of us when we travel. You and Heather are THE BEST!


  2. Yep. we're happy we're home too! We wonder where we'll end up next time though.
    Ricci and Amber