Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Norrie's Bag

Recently Norrie MacIlraith of Minnesota, participated in our School of Threadology. While she was in class she showed us the bag she had made with Texture Magic.

Norrie is currently the Texture Magic Rep over the East Minnesota area. As part of her responsibilities she visits quilt stores, guilds, and various groups to show the wonderful ways to work with Texture Magic.

She used Texture Magic on different sections of her bag, highlighting how different stitches produce various results in texture.

The inside had several pockets, with plenty of room to carry packages of Texture Magic and Texture Magic friendly patterns. Notice she also left enough room to include several projects made with Texture Magic, too.

It was so nice to meet Norrie, to have her participate in our School of Threadology, and to feel her enthusiasm.
Norrie sent us this note once she arrived home:
"I want you to know that I appreciated all your planning for this classes, fabulous meals, and general care of the participants—it felt truly special. Please extend a thank you to all your staff."


  1. Does Texture Magic stretch? My husband wants me to make quilted stockings, but he wants them to stretch (like our old knit stockings) so they can be crammed full. I have yet to figure out how to make QUILTED stockings that STRETCH. (Obviously he knows less about quilting than Bob....)


  2. Although Texture Majic doesn't allow for stretching, you could experiment with an insert at top of sock (long enongh to go around hubby's leg) and sew it in with elastic thread to allow fit onto leg. May have to sew a couple of rows of elastic thread into the Texture Magic preparation depending upon width used. Steaming shouldn't bother the elastic--keep heat on lower setting. Norrie

  3. What about putting in knitted or ribbed inserts along the seam making it a box seam with stretch. Sarah