Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Cupcake Tote

Quite often there are patterns on the market that would be enhanced by adding a little bit of Texture Magic here or there.

What little girl doesn't love cupcakes? Adding Texture Magic to the frosting area makes this tote almost good enough to taste.

Little Cupcake Tote by Quilts Illustrated was easily adapted by using our Texture Magic Conversion Chart.

Texture Magic was stippled to the back of the purple fabric using MasterPiece #148 Pop Art Purple

This little tote can be easily assembled in a few hours, and would make a nice gift for a young daughter or grand daughter.


  1. Hello!
    We LOVE your blog and have added it to our Blog favorites and linked up. Your pictures are gorgeous and inspiring! Happy New Year and cheery wave from Bev