Monday, December 21, 2009

Peace On Earth

Gail Thomas is an award winning quilter and working artist who lives in British Columbia, Canada. We often see each other at quilt shows. Recently Gail shared with us her design "Peace On Earth" (21" X 17")
This is a wonderful example of how Gail used Superior Threads Metallics for the hand stitching.

Gail wrote:
"I was given the fabric in Houston and knew that it was to be part my new Christmas Card Quilt design. I reconnect with friends and I am introduced to new friends in Houston and I always come back from that trip with glowing memories. So I can honestly say that you all inspired this quilt.
Painted doves, raw edge applique (the fabric on the leaves and berries is silk), hand quilted with Superior Threads metallic. I loved the hand sewing and more will follow."

Thank you Gail for sharing with us this beautiful Christmas Greeting.