Monday, February 2, 2009

Bob and Heather Purcell

Superior Threads started in 1998 (but really started going in 2001) by Bob and Heather Purcell. Bob is President and responsible for everything to do with Education and manages the business end of the company. Heather (aka Mother Superior) is Project Manager and designs all products and creates our thread colors.
The Purcell's worked in Japan for 10 years and both speak fluent Japanese. They like to say that two of their 3 children were "made in Japan" and the only American-born child has a July 4th birthday.
Bob graduated from Brigham Young University with a Masters in Business Administration in 1984. He became involved in the thread business in support of his wife's very healthy quilting addiction.

Heather was raised in Australia and moved to the United States at age 17 to attend University. She met Bob when she was 18, and they were married 3 years later. She graduated from Brigham Young University in Microbiology in 1979.

Heather's favorite moments right now are centered around new grand daughter Avilyn, who was born in December. Sometimes we see Heather working away at Superior Threads with Avilyn strapped on front.
Listening to grandma's heartbeat makes one happy baby.
In our last post we received many comments on the red rocks surrounding our warehouse. The picture was somewhat of an optical illusion, making it look like our building emerged right into the mountain side. The mountain is close, but not that close!
Here is another shot of the warehouse front.
Down the side of the building.
The mountain starts right at the edge of our parking lot.
Love those blue skies.
We've been in our new building for about two years, and we are already bursting at the seams. On the land adjacent to our current warehouse (affectionately referred to as "The Mother Land") we have begun construction on a 2-story structure that will house our School of Threadology. More details about the school will be coming in future posts.
Today the road was closed to dig a pipeline for the school.
Yes, we are that powerful. We can close a road.
The footings are in.
Why do we love St. George so much? Because the weather is so beautiful in the winter you can even find the construction workers going shirtless.
We've enjoyed your comments from our 1st post. This is a great forum for us to answer your questions. One customer wondered if we had a store front available to purchase our products. The answer is yes! We ship the majority of our orders, but we also love to meet our customers. If you are ever in the area stop feel free to stop by and shop the warehouse. Our address is 87 East 2580 South, St. George, Utah 84790 (800) 499-1777.
Orders may be called in advance, saving shipping costs when you pick up your merchandise. Or our staff will be happy to meet with you and help you in your selections.
You will be met in the lobby by our wonderful receptionist Becky who is very knowledgeable loves to help in any way.


  1. Heather,
    Arn't you the lucky one to have a grandchild so close by this time.
    To anyone wanting to learn about Threads Needles, Tenions etc.and you get the chance, attend Suoperior Threads School of Threadology. It will be the best class you will ever attend. I attended last year, and the knowledge, and friendships made was absolutely unbeleivable.
    To all those 60 people who will be attending the Seminar this week in St. George, have a wonderfull time.--just wish I could have been there again.
    For any of you that can pick up your threads from the wharehouse, you will find the staff will go out of there way for you, they are so friendly and absolutely wonderfull.
    Julie ( Australia)

  2. Lovely eye candy there......*S*

    Let's have more pics of the shirtless workers.

  3. Oh what a pretty baby!! :) And the blue skies... luscious!!

  4. I loved your explanation of "thread unrolling"
    in the newsletter. I wonder whatever possesed
    machine makers to use the end/top unrolling thread spool holders. It would be okay if they added a little spring guide out to the side of the spool, that would guide a "straight" unroll into the machine works. I have an Elna Q6600
    that was expensive - and luckily it has a hole
    and an upright spool holder! as well as a horizontal spool holder. When I tried to use
    the horizontal spool holder, the first thing that
    happened was that a bunch of rows of the thread unrolled into a tangle!!!!!! YIC ! And there
    is room in that machine to put the thread in at 90* (still horizontally) from the way it is now, to have it unroll properly straight out from the spool!!!
    Perhaps if we ask the Elna Company nicely, they can invent a little metal or plastic "plug in" that would work to hold the spool horizontally so the thread feeds off straight?
    Sincerely, JEANNIE PITTS Jackson, Mississippi

  5. Love the pictures and the blog. Makes me miss living in Utah! See you at MQX!


  6. I'm going to be a grandma in April and seeing Heather with Avilyn just makes me long to hold my grandson.
    I love your threads, especially the Masterpiece-i'ts like butter when I pull it through the fabric.

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  8. What a fantastic blog!

  9. Hello Bob, Heather, Becky & Avilyn,
    I was directed to your blog by Annie in Alaska.
    What a talented and tireless gal! Your home base looks amazing - just like your threads. Love em!