Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bob Wanna- Be's

Work continues on our building for the future site of the "Superior School of Threadology". These construction workers are all "Bob Wanna-be's". When they grow up they want to sell thread.

In the meantime, things are buzzing here at Superior Threads. Tomorrow we begin our second session of " Superior School of Threadology". Sixty participants from the U.S., Canada, and England are arriving in town to attend 3 days of classes on thread education. Bob's office is full of boxes, booklets and bags of thread are being assembled while teachers are finishing final preparations for their classes. We are going to have a fantastic time and will share with you our festivities on Mother Superior's blog.

In the contemporary world of sewing and quilting, threads no longer take a back seat. Often a particular thread will become the source of inspiration for a particular design.
In honor of Bob's birthday this month we are offering a Superior Special on Ricky Tim's Art Studio Colors. This is a beautiful high sheen premium trilobal offered at 50% off. Regularly priced at $13.90, this month you can order the 2,000 yard cones in 36 colors for $6.75. Art Studio Colors are polyester thread can be used for both quilting and embroidery.

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  1. Bob,
    Watch out for the one with the big tattoo!
    He looks like he's totally ignoring things, but in reality he's the one that wants to be the next "Bob""

  2. I get dibs on the guy on the right. He is MINE! hands off! ::: gggg ::::

    Thank you for such a fun blog :)

  3. Reading your entire page...well, I am 79 years old and have something else in mind...( that doesn't keep me from admiring the scenery!!)
    I would like....
    A wall quilt contest among your blog readers.
    Perhaps it would start with a list on a computer.
    We would be given the e-mail address of a partner.
    Then we partners could exchange by snail mail a ziplock gallon bag containing fabric, thread, beads, buttons and other embelishments, and perhaps a sheet of rules ( size - printed off the internet). Give a limited time. Then the partners would send back the finished quilt.
    The Participants/recipients could send in a photo of the finished quilt.
    Perhaps a popular winner could be awarded a big spool of thread?
    What do you think?
    Jeannie Jackson, Mississippi

  4. I like that idea, Jeannie. Almost as much as I like the new pic of the workers. *L*

  5. Oh mother superior, you are as good at picking out pictures as your are at picking out jewelry :-)

  6. All I can say is, an education on thread, AND man candy, all in the same weekend. Oh, my heart is a flutter ;)