Monday, February 16, 2009

Cone & Bobbin Organizer

The beginning of a new year always gets us in the mood to organize. Here at Superior Threads we have designed a new product that helps us keep our thread cones together with matching bobbins.
The Full Barrel is made of solid oak, with 144 large wooden dowels for cones. Small pegs are situated right next to each dowel to hold matching bobbins. The full barrel stands on a rotating base and is 28" high X 23" diameter.

The Half Barrel organizes up to 72 cones and is a wall-mounted storage system. Next to each cone are 64 small pegs for bobbins. The Half Barrel measures 28" high X 23" wide X 12" deep.

May your cones and Bobbins never be separated again!
Up date on the MOTHER LAND
Progress is being made on the School Of Threadology.
We now have walls!


  1. brilliant idea, keeping the thread and bobbins in one convenient place!

  2. My husband created a Cone Thread holder for me that allows me to put the bobbins on the dowel first and then the matching thread fits on over the bobbins. Of course, then I need more bobbins. Or maybe I shouldn't have such a good selection of thread . . . ;-)