Friday, February 6, 2009

School of Threadology Day 2

Today was day 2 of the School of Threadology. We didn't think it was possible, but today was even more fun than yesterday!
We started the morning out with a class taught by Annie Unrien. Annie has designed a purse made with a special product that will soon be introduced into the market by Superior Threads.

The new technique uses a steam iron to help shrink the fabric by 30%.

Annie tested the product on many different types of fabric.
This one is on velvet.

A grid system sewn onto cotton.

A programed design on tricot.

When the flowers were outlined they ended up looking as if they had been done in trapunto.

This started out as a regular piece of cotton fabric.

One stitched in waves.
Annie holding the completed purse.
For lunch we headed across the street to "Players Sports Bar".
After lunch we met back in one of the conference rooms for an amazing trunk show provided by Mother Superior.
We loved the outfit Heather had on today. She called it "Mother Superior's Habit".
At first Heather showed us some of the quilts she has made.

Heather expressed that making quilts are not her favorite part. Instead she loves to collect fabrics. (Bob volunteered that she has filled rooms at home). She also loves to match thread with fabrics and quilts.
It was by making quilts of her own that Heather became motivated to design threads that match the project. When Heather made the above quilt, she noticed the neutral thread showing through the seams. Masterpiece was created so we could have beautiful threads to coordinate with our fabrics.
Next Heather showed quilts made by others and kept in her own personal collection.
This one was inspired by a picture taken when they lived in Japan.
This is Heather's favorite quilt. It takes looking up close to truly appreciate the intricate thread work done on many of these quilts.
The Zebra is so impressive!

Designers often approach Heather and request specific types of threads for their projects. Many thread lines have been created in response to designer needs.
This quilt was the inspiration for the King Tut line.

Brytes look so fabulous sewn on black backgrounds.
Heather will take her projects to a quilter and be very specific in which threads and design to use. She will often create a certain quilt to high light a new thread line.

The workmanship in these quilts is so stunning!

One artist made a quilt to showcase the threads manufactured by Superior. For example, the Masterpiece logo is stitched in Masterpiece, So Fine is stitched in So Fine, etc.

This quilt was made to feature the more muted threads.

Heather loves brights. She made this quilt to "step outside the box" of her personal tastes.
After the trunk show we headed over to the Headquarters of Superior Threads to do a little shopping. We were met in the parking lot by some of the Superior Threads staff. They really know how to make everyone feel welcome!
This fun sign greeted us as we entered the warehouse. We agree, all the colors of thread and products were just like candy.
It was a shopping frenzy! Sixty women (and one gentleman) filling their baskets as fast as they could.
Up and down the warehouse rows.

Bob holding the most precious merchandise of all, his beautiful grand daughter Avilyn.
Happy customers.
This evening we met back at the conference center for dinner and a program.
We were highly entertained by the "Superior Singers". Bob and Heather's son Todd and his friend Drew performed for us.
They even got a few of the audience to participate with them.
Have you ever called Superior Threads and heard singing in the background? That would be Todd performing original quilt songs like "Where did I Hide My Stash?". Todd dedicated tonight's performance especially to Mother Superior, although he is allowed to call her "Mom".


  1. You guys are doing SUCH a good job with this blog! Great pics and stories. I'm really waiting for the launch of whatever that new product is. I'm way too lazy to do actual trapunto.

  2. This is wonderful, I want to come play! I'll have to search for info on seminars at your site. What fun!! ;>)

  3. I would like to see the quilt artist's names included with the photos. I realize the quilts were sponsored by Superior Threads ... however, I think everyone would like to know the artist's name.

  4. I had the same thought as Vivian. The quilts are beautiful and the makers should receive credit. The new product looks like a lot of fun; hope it's available soon!

  5. Would love to attend one of your "schools"! Looks like fun and learning at the same time. Would like to enlarge the quilt photos!!!

  6. I wish we had some one like you here in the West of Australia. Looking forward to the new product.


  7. I agree with LaLa. Threads Warehouse is far better than a candy store.
    When are you bringing your products to the Craft shows in Western Australia? I can't wait!


  8. When will the shrinking thread be available for sale? I cant wait to try it. I MUST have it. Do u understand what I am saying.? I MUST HAVE IT! lol

  9. The shrinking thread looks almost as amazing as your blog. Look forward to the thread and the next blog. The quilts are amazing.

  10. This my first venture to your blog. I love it. Beautiful quilts and GREAT ideas. I will be returning to this blog on a regular basis. Thanks

  11. Do the Guys have a CD of their music for sale???
    I would love to have one, to play at our Quilt Guild Christmas Party.
    Thanks for your help.
    Shirley Rogers

  12. Shirl,

    The music (digital MP3 format) and words is available on the Superior Threads Website under the Other drop-down menu.


  13. This was great, I wish I had been there,I love the thread and now feel that I have to try the new thread and start a new project.

  14. Wow!!! is this show coming to a quilt shop near me???? I live in Tucson and I'll bet the Quilter's Market would be interested - they are always one step ahead of everyone!

  15. It all sounds great, looking forward to the mystery being solved....

  16. Great blog!! Love the quilts...who made them besides Heather?

    New product looks "Superior" to Chizimi, as my results with that didn't look as great as your new product demo pieces.

    Looking forward to seeing you in OH in October at Quilting with Machines.

  17. The quilts are beautiful and the new thread looks like great fun. Would love to come to one of your conferences. How do I sign up?

  18. Superior Threads is in a class all by themselves. Nobody comes close. First class blog, first class products, first class company, and best of all you inspire all of us to reach beyond our comfort level and achieve creative heights we never imagined. Thanks for always keeping us entertained and passionate about quilt, sewing, and crafting.