Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mother Load

We want to share with you a little tour of the day to day activities inside the "Mother Load" warehouse.
Our inventory contains over a million spools of thread, all custom made by our factories. Once a shipment leaves a factory in Japan it takes 30 days to reach our door.
This is the view from the front lobby as you enter the warehouse.

A typical shipment contains over 60,000 spools and cones. It's a fun day here in the Mother Load to move over 200 boxes from our loading dock and then to be placed in the appropriate aisle.
One morning 3 of our workers raced to see how fast they could move 214 boxes from loading dock to aisle, setting a record of 1 hour, 8 minutes.
The task is completed by unpacking the boxes and placing the stock on shelves.

Each aisle is well organized and labeled.

The Mother Load comprises 8,500 square feet of space. We continue to use our old warehouse for overload of stock.

Yeimy is our warehouse manager. She is well organized and detail oriented. She has the ability to see what needs to be done and follows through efficiently.
She is demanding of her staff but only in a good way. One of the fun things about working here at Superior is we are all team players. We believe in helping each other get the job done no matter the position. There are many days that the office manager or receptionist might step in to help fill a large order, and do so willingly. We like each other and love coming to work each day.
Superior Threads currently has a staff of 22, with 10 of those working in the Mother Load.
It's a hustle pulling orders, packing orders, and getting boxes ready for shipment.
All orders are double checked for accuracy, with most being shipped the same day.
Superior Thread guarantees all its products. If you are unhappy with any of our products, you may return them within 30 days for a full refund.
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  1. What fun to be able to peek inside your warehouse and also to see some of the faces. I've don't think I've ever dealt with a company that gives better customer service. You guys rock!

  2. I was curious why your warehouse is called Mother Load and not the Mother Lode with all that bounteous beautiful thread arriving all the time.