Thursday, February 5, 2009

School of Threadology Day 1

Today we started our first day of our "School of Threadology" with Superior Threads. It's been a wonderful day with 60 participants from all over the United States, Canada and England.
Our main goal is to be educated in the use of the many fabulous products created by Superior.When we first arrived at registration we were given this wonderful book as a companion to the lectures.

We met in a conference room of a hotel here in sunny St.George, Utah. Bob Purcell was the first lecturer, teaching us how to problem solve when working with our machines and thread.

Bob kept us entertained with his great sense of humor. If you've ever wondered how "thread talk" could be funny, just sit in on one of Bob's informative presentations.

This is the second time Superior Threads has hosted the School of Threadology. We are currently constructing a new building that will enable us to teach state of the art classes each month.

Heather and Bob did a comedy routine on how the tension of our sewing machine works with different weight threads.
Heather provided the next lecture, teaching us about the different types of threads manufactured by Superior. We have some amazing new lines on the market.

Every participant received a bag containing threads from each line.
After our morning classes we headed to "Cracker Barrel" for lunch.
The restaurant did a great job feeding all 60 of us in a short period of time.

For our afternoon classes we broke into two different groups.
Group A, consisting of 30 people met in one conference room with instructor Cindy Needham.

Cindy does intricate thread work all with Superior's products.

This quilt was done with beautiful metalics and brights.

One of Cindy's whole cloth quilts.
In Cindy's class she provided a "Thread Bar". We had wonderful fun playing with all of the different types of threads made by Superior.
We learned how to use the decorative stitches on our machines with various threads and tension settings.

Cindy walked from station to station answering questions and giving tips.

Another fun project was learning to make our own "fabric" with left over thread pieces.
First we layered a piece of "Dissolve" down, then covered it with piles of different colored threads and wool roving. Some even threw in pieces of yarn.
Place a another piece of Dissolve on top, and stitch down using a grid system.

Stitch randomly all over the top.
Next we took our piece into the restroom and washed under running water. The Dissolve completely disappeared and our thread fabric creation remained. Using this technique we could think of all kinds of fun projects to make. One participant wore a scarf made from this same process. Others thought of making journal covers and book marks. "Dissolve" is available from Superior Threads.
In the evening we met for a delicious banquet.

We were entertained with more of Bob's jokes.
Annie Unrein introduced the beginning of "Show and Tell". Each participant brought a quilt to share.
Only a few are represented below. Most of the pieces were stitched with a variety of Superior Threads.

Some brought items of clothing instead of quilts.

Tomorrow morning we meet back at 9am for more classes and fun!

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  1. Hi! I'm the Bar Maid from Cindy Needham's class. She's such an awesome teacher. I just wanted to clarify one point. The product used in making the thread "fabric" is called Dissolve and is available here at Superior Threads. Cheers!!
    St George, UT