Friday, May 29, 2009

New Colors in King Tut

Have you noticed as you select fabrics, that the shades of colors change from year to year? For example, last year's Green is different from this year's green.
We pay close attention to fabric trends and work to bring you colors in thread that will match any project.
We are happy to announce we now have 21 new colors in King Tut.

Most of the new colors are are tone-on-tone shades, which is somewhere between a solid and a variegated. Having four shades of green is better than a single solid shade of green. With the one-inch color change and four near shades, you will not have to worry about finding an exact match.

Many of these new colors are pastel in nature. The three new grays are amazing!

One of my latest favorites is #900 called Sinai.

King Tut is a #40/3-ply extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton, available on 500 yard spools, and 2,000 yard cones.
To view all King Tut colors, please click HERE.


  1. Hooray, I've been waiting for these ever since you tantalised us a while ago, I shall be ordering soon :o)

  2. Oh! Oh!!! I want them ALL!
    Long live the King!

  3. The owner of the shop where I work had just received her shipment of these yesterday when I was in. They are beautiful - now I have to make more room in my thread drawer for them! Nice job!