Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Motherland Update

Construction is progressing well on our building addition at Superior Threads. We are getting very excited in anticipation of opening up The School of Threadology in the next few months.

There will be two levels in our new building.

The lower level will offer additional office and warehouse space.

The upper level will house our School of Threadology. The wide open area in the foreground will be the classroom for the longarm and midarm machines. The framed area toward the back will be additional classrooms and offices.

Imagine practicing on a longarm and being able to look out the window to see the spectacular red rocks of St. George. Bob calls this view "Mt. Superior".

This room has been nick named "The Bernina Room" because Bernina has very generously agreed to furnish 20 machines for this classroom. We can now provide machines to those who cannot travel with a machine.
Many other ideas are in the works. One room on the lower level will be called the "kaizen no ma" (the continuous improvement room). It will be an authentic Japanese style room. We are bringing in a Japanese floor, lights, and decor. We lived in Japan for 10 years and I've always wanted an authentic Japanese-style room. This will be a quiet, peaceful meeting room where there are no phones or computers. Our goal is to have a place to think, plan, and move ideas forward. August 2009 is the scheduled completion date.


  1. Impressive!!! Wish you were in my town.


  2. Someday I will get to the Superior School of Threadology!


  3. FANTASTIC to all of it but especially to the Japanese Room and YIPPEE to Bernina, too.

    I can hardly wait!

  4. The LongArm room peaks my interest. If I can ever afford to come to your school, I would want some one to teach me to use my LongArm. All of the practice in the world is not going to help me unless I understand the basic functions. I have ideas of what I want to Quilt but getting those ideas from my brain to my hands is my main problem. I need some one to make me use my LongArm. Also too, thank you for an informative Blog.