Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Commitment to Excellence

Here at Superior Threads we continually focus on improvement. We feel little things pay off in big ways.
We pay attention to even the smallest details and are very specific about certain aspects of our company. Whether it's making sure we have well organized items on our warehouse shelves to the packing of boxes, we are committed to excellence. In fact, Bob gives every new employee a "box making lesson." Bob says it is in his genes because his grandparents' name is Packer and therefore he knows how to pack.

Our detail-oriented staff goes through training to make sure each box is packed with the highest standards.

Each box needs to have well aligned edges.

Taping in both directions keeps the product secure. Our focus is on problem prevention rather than problem resolution.

Some people might even consider us a little obsessive, but we want you to receive your order in prime condition.

When you open your box we want it to look nice and in excellent condition.


  1. Having had several boxes from yourselves, I can personally confirm they are beautifully packed and always arrive in mint condition. And of course the contents are just so exciting!

  2. My Frosted Doughnut arrived carefully packed and it was lovingly received. I have already started using the thread in an applique project and it is wonderful. Thanks for such a great product!

  3. I loved this blog post. Presentation is SO Important - whatever it is that you are presenting to another person. Box making lessons sound perfect - from a Packer gggg...