Monday, May 11, 2009

Season Opener of SplashBall

We are celebrating the beginning of summer here in sunny St. George, Utah with our Season Opener of SplashBall with Superior Threads. It was 90 degrees here today. SplashBall is kind of like rough basketball in the pool. There is no such thing as a foul.
From May through early October, SpashBall games are every Friday from noon to 1:30 if Bob is in town (because if Bob doesn't play, no one plays) . It really is part of our workday, although participation is optional. We usually have about 10 players each week. Can you believe we get paid for playing in the pool? (Bob has to buy his friends.) SplashBall gives us the needed break from a long week of hard work.
SplashBall started around five years ago when we thought it would be a good idea to get together for a little healthy competition and it has turned into a highlight at Superior Threads.
We even offer trophies for the winning team (and yes, Bob's name is on the winning team's 2008 season trophy.)
There have been some pretty bad scrapes, cuts from fingernails, numerous bruises, foot blisters, and even a black eye, but they are soon forgotten.
Kyle Fisher, assistant warehouse manager, was our MVP for 2008.
We asked Kyle why he enjoys playing SplashBall. "It's all around good fun for everyone. I love roughing up the other guys," he said.
Bob's claim to fame is his three-point shot from the far edge of the pool, which he says he ALWAYS makes.
Once 1:30 rolls around we go back to work, making sure your orders are filled and taken care of in a timely manner.
You can watch a video of last year's SplashBall competition HERE.

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