Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Irish Linen Quilt

When Ricci Lindley, a member of our office staff, visited Dingle, Ireland in 2001 she did not have a premonition that she would be documenting history. On the morning of September 11th, 2001 Ricci purchased an antique Irish linen. By afternoon in Ireland, the news of New York and the devastation at Twin Towers was on every television and radio.
Once Ricci returned back to the United States, the linen was tucked away in a closet at home.
Fast forward to February 2009. Cindy Needham, one of our Superior Threads educators, came to St. George to teach at our School of Threadology. (see blog post on 2/5/2009)
Cindy, author of the book "Wholecloth Linen Quilts," specializes in turning ordinary linens into something special.
Ricci commissioned Cindy to create her magic on the Irish tablecloth purchased in 2001.

Cindy stitched with several types of Superior Threads to do her work.
Superior Threads Highlights were used for the feathers, heart, and border.
For the main part of the feathers, Cindy used Highlights #797
Look at the beautiful detail work. The beading was hand sewn on last.
In the center, a small white doily was added for the initial.
Superior Threads Bottom Line was used for the ditching, grid work and scribbling.
Several dark, medium and light colors of Bottom Line and So Fine helped bring depth to the piece.
On the back, Cindy included an Irish Blessing written on a doily.
The rod pocket and label were created by cutting off the end of an unfinished pillowcase.
To see more of Cindy Needham's beautiful work you can find her at

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  1. Cindy does incredible work. I am anxious to take a class with her. Any chance she will be teaching in the future in the new classroom area your building? Cindy is a true artist. Sue