Monday, May 18, 2009

Which Thread Should I Piece With?

Many new quilters have asked us, "Which thread should I piece with?" There can be a lot of confusion understanding all the different options available in thread choices.
Although there may not be one right answer for every person or project, we can offer a few suggestions.

Most quilters use cotton fabric and prefer to use a cotton thread to piece with. The main reason is because cotton is high heat tolerant. Ironing the seams with a high heat iron works well when using cotton threads. Many do piece with polyester threads and that is fine as long as you are careful to set the iron heat to medium or low.
We have teamed up with Alex Anderson in the creation of "MasterPiece" a #50/2 extra long staple Egyptian cotton thread. Notice the name: MasterPiece (Bob thought up this name because it is mainly a piecing thread. But it also fantastic as an applique and bobbin thread). MasterPiece thread is very smooth and virtually lint free.

MasterPiece is available in 59 beautiful colors, and comes on 600 yard spools, or 3,000 yard cones.
Alex has said "When piecing, accuracy become instantly enhanced because MasterPiece creates a very smooth, flat, even seam which does not add any bulk."
If you would like to see the actual colors up close, you can order a Color Card (made with the actual thread here. We sell all colors cards at our production cost of $3.
We also offer a Neutrals Collection, and for the very ambitious a 50 Color Collection.
MasterPiece is available in prewound bobbins to enhance the ease of sewing. Bobbins are available in "L style" and "M style". If you want to understand which style to use for your particular machine we have a compatibility chart available on our web site. You can find it HERE.
Remember, instead of using the common tan, beige or gray to piece with, try matching the thread color to the project. We have provided so many beautiful colors to work with!
MasterPiece can also be used for applique, lacework, bobbin and fine quilting.

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  1. My goodness, you must be mind-readers. I was quilting this afternoon, with some King Tut on the top and a Super Bob in the bottom. When I went back to piecing I replaced the King Tut with an 'ordinary' sewing thread and realised that I wanted to use Superior thread for my piecing too. I'd become used to smooth trouble free sewing. But I had no idea what to look for, and now I have!