Monday, May 25, 2009

What Is Trilobal Polyester Thread?

We are out of the office today in honor of the holiday. We hope you are enjoying the day with family and friends.

You've seen "Trilobal Polyester" written on our labels of Rainbows, Highlights, Nature Colors, Super Brights, Living Colors and Art Studio Colors, but do you understand what it means?

Recent advancements in fiber technology have resulted in a new type of polyester. Trilobal means three sided. Triangular shaped fibers reflect more light and give added sparkle to textiles. The trilobal cross section of the fiber creates excellent light reflection resulting in high sheen.
In the past, due to it's dull appearance, polyester was not as popular as other fibers, especially rayon. However, most rayon is not colorfast and it is a fairly weak fiber, and we do not recommend it for any application. Polyester is stronger and colorfast, but did not have the high sheen. Now we have the best of all worlds. A high-sheen polyester that is strong and colorfast.
The quality of our trilobals are, as we say SUPERIOR.

Rainbows is a 40 weight high sheen premium trilobal polyester thread with a one-inch color change interval. It's good for both quilting and embroidery.

Solid colors of trilobal polyester include Highlights, Nature Colors, Super Brights, Living Colors and Art Studio Colors.


  1. How much does this cost a spool??

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I like learning new stuff to share with my students.


  3. I hope you will forgive me, I'm a visual person.
    I always thought that Trilobal meant 3 strands twisted. "Triangular shaped fibers." How is that created? I spin wool when I'm not quilting. Is there a micro-something in between the fibers to create the triangle? Or am I making this more complex than it is?


  4. Thank you - I'll have to see if I can find any of this around here - it looks wonderful. Funny... I read this after learning a lesson about thread the hard way. You might like to read this post:
    ARGH! :)