Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Texture Magic Tuesday/ Poppy Quilt

Our thanks today goes to Judie Weiss of St. George, Utah for sharing with us her Poppy Quilt, a 3-D design using Texture Magic.

This quilt is an original design, created by Judie. She made the Poppy Quilt as a present for her sister-in-law, who requested a quilt for the foot of her King sized bed.
The background is a "Yellow Brick Road" pattern.

Judie's SIL had very specific wishes she wanted included in the quilt.
"She loves texture and depth; she loves the feel of various fabrics such as silk, velvet, upholstery fabrics, satin, etc.; she loves bold colors and design; she wanted it set on point . So - I set out to create that quilt." Judie said.

"I made the 3 big red poppies petal by petal and then fastened them together under the center velvet round circle. I made each petal like a mini pillowcase: first I cut the 2 pieces plus the Texture Magic plus a piece of warm and natural all at the same time. I free-motioned the veining in, using red King Tut thread by Superior Threads. Then I added piping and sewed the petal together, leaving the bottom open to turn right side out. Then I steamed it from the top creating the puffy petals." Judie continued.

Judie has taken "Thread Therapy" from Dr. Bob. We are happy to report she followed his instructions and used a Superior Threads titanium coated top-stitch needle for this project.
We appreciate Judie giving us one more idea on how to use Texture Magic in our art quilts.